Here in SingleCutLand, we live for the bold, the brash, the “all out”- but even we like to appreciate the finer, more nuanced, things in life. That’s why we have the “Singles Series”- our patient, slow, contemplative series of beers that are all experiments in unique and rustic fermentations. It can take 6mos or more for a new Singles Series beer to be good enough to fill a SingleCut bottle, and this week we have a very special treat- THREE new entries into the series.

GUITARIST TURNS DOWN VOLUME!!  //  Dry-Hopped Red Farmhouse Ale  // “Singles Series” //  5.9%  // 

Subtle can be good. Sometimes even the Beersmiths need to turn the volume down a touch and appreciate the sweet harmonics of balance. A mixed fermentation of Old World and French Farmhouse strains, brings out a gentle earthy spice and rounds the edges of bready malts in this red ale. After extended aging, we dry-hop with a controlled hand, accenting with earthy citrus, peppery fruit, and adding a bit of linger to the long dry finish. Consider this our nylon stringed interlude.

LEAD SINGER HELPS UNLOAD GEAR!!  //  Oak-Aged Sour Gold Ale with Lulo and Sage  //  “Singles Series” // 4.7%  // 

The Unreal Becomes Real. Mixed fermentation does the heavy lifting on this gently sour golden ale, aged in steel with oak spirals for 6mos along side earthy sage and a touch of lulo (aka naranjilla), a beautiful Central/South American fruit that imparts a gentle kiss of lime and rhubarb. Bright acidity is the falsetto while gentle oaky tannins provide the growl for this center stage scene stealer.

THE ORIGIN OF STORMS  //  Bourbon & Vanilla Barrel Aged Dark Sour with Vanilla and Cacao  //  “Singles Series”  //   8%  // 

WHEN MOONDROPS BURST, this is what they taste like. A confluence of brewing, aging, and cellaring brings about the formation of this incredible experimental ale. A subtle dark sour ale aged in part in mixed bourbon barrels and some rare vanilla curing barrels for 5 months, then blended and aged in steel for another 5 months. Aromas of vanilla, caramel, Ethiopian coffee, dark cacao chocolate, coco dipped raspberries and peppery oak wash over the palate with more subtle acidity and bright dark fruit. Beautiful on its own, or an incredible cheese pairing beer.