We offer 32oz/64oz growlers in our Tap Room for $8/$12 plus the price of the beer, as well as 32oz recyclable aluminum Crowlers, $2. We have 16 oz. cans available in 4-packs or 12-packs. We also have seasonal bottles in 500mls. You can buy single bottles or a 12-pk case. Prices will vary.
Just be in the Tap Room five minutes before the scheduled tour (5pm on Sundays) with a beer in hand and we’ll make an announcement. The tours are completely free, take about 20 minutes, and are subject to cancellation at any time.
We are able to accommodate table reservations for parties of 10 or more people. One table maximum, pending availability. We don’t reserve tables after 1pm on Saturday or Sunday as a courtesy to other guests.
Currently, we’re unable to host private parties.
Yes, we offer a full menu. Please visit the Tap Room page for our menu.
We do not allow outside food. We attempt to cater to any dietary restrictions that our customers might have, so hopefully there is something for everyone.
Kegs are not available for purchase from the brewery.
Yes. Gift Certificates are available through our online store.
We have live music in our Tap Room. Please visit the EVENTS page for an update on all our upcoming acts.
Yes, just click the store link in the navigation bar above.


Our “Beers” page will tell you what’s coming up or you can follow our blog with brewery updates.


We distribute through Sarene Craft Beer Distributors in NYC, LI, the Lower Hudson Valley, NJ, and CT. We distribute through Rhino Beverage in western New York, Craft Collective in the greater Boston area, Nevulis Beverages in Philadelphia, Pekko Beer in DC, Crafted in London, and VT Beer Shepherd in the great state of Vermont.
For NYC, NJ, Long Island, Lower Hudson Valley, and CT
Matt Schullman matt@sarenecraft.com

For Syracuse/Buffalo/Rochester
Kenny Nelson knelson@rhinobeverage.com

For the Boston Metro Area
Adam Olivieri adam@getcraft.co

For the Philadelphia Area
Ryan Nevulis ryan@nevulisbeverages.com

For Vermont
Mark Ewald mark@vtbeshepherd.com

For DC
Kenny Nguyen kenneth@pekkobeer.com

For UK
Peter Schneider peter@craftedexports.com

We are currently selling cans and bottles in our Tap Room and at local bottle shops, please see beermenus.com for more help.


A “SingleCut” is a body style of guitar. In case you didn’t notice, we like guitars.
Most of our beers tend to be named after our favorite musicians, though we have been known to get more creative. Some of our most asked? “19-33” is our address, and coincidentally, the year prohibition ended. “Does Anybody Remember Laughter?” was the regrettable yelp Robert Plant blurts out in the middle of “Stairway” on “The Song Remains the Same”. “KT66” and all the other number/letter combo beers are named after Rich’s favorite tubes and amp parts. I told you we liked music.