In by Dan Bronson

ALL ABOARD for a sensory experience unlike any we’ve brewed before. We teamed up with our Vermont fam at Ten Bends Beer, collabing to create a beer that was all things dank, bright, and kind. A massive 10% 3xIPA, dry-hopped in part with SingleCut’s proprietary hop oils, then doused with Lemon Haze terpene and a gentle addition of fresh peppermint. The aroma is a journey- fresh and sweet peppermint swirls through resinous lemon, then a wave of sun sweet tropical ripe mango, kiwis, tangelo, and a finish of earth resin and muddled mint. Each sip unveils new depth, giving way to fresh herb, sweet orange, and the ever present kiss of citrusy mojito and the promise of a Diamond Eyed Jack.

ABV: 10.0%