In by Dan Bronson

“If you love SingleCut, than you love Shuggie! The Soulbender is back, with a shorter name (we’re into that whole “”brevity”” thing now). 100% choice New Zealand hop buds led an intense aroma of ripe and juicy pineapple, white grape, cloudberries, chili, sweet/tart mango, dank pepper, kiwis, fresh ruby red grapefruit, yuzu, with a linger of sweet pear nectar and lime

Hang onto a can for a couple months and watch how it evolves. Our Southern Hemisphere focused beers are the most interesting to taste as they evolve, almost totally changing as the months go by. At 45-60 days, the pallet shifts to become much more sweet grapefruit focused, and as 60+ days goes on, it’s settles into a juicy/peppery combo of dank mango that’s super food friendly. Absolutely worth holding a few. “

ABV: 7.2%
IBU: 116