In by Dan Bronson

Who said you can’t improve on a classic?

There’s no more iconic call than the nitro cascading beauty of a dry stout in an NYC bar. It’s crisp, dry, velvety smooth, surprisingly quenching, and low enough ABV to have a few. We set out to check all of those boxes and up the ante a bit.

We teamed up with some of our favorite BK bars, like Tempkins, Young Ethel’s, Cardiff Giant, and Owl Farm, to push that dry stout pint to the next level. We mixed in a little bit of buckwheat into the grist, adding a deep roasty nuttiness and adding to the crisp mineral finish, all wrapped up in a dry, nitro smooth, 4.2% ABV body.

We could wax on, but what you really need to do is snag a pint of this new SingleCut classic- available now at SC Tap Rooms and those amazing bars above.

ABV: 4.2%