inexplicaly used umlaut marzen beer can in forest near lake with fire pit

It’s your first chance to Trinke Laut 📯

After months of cold-conditioning, we’re ending the summer in the crispiest way possible:

INEXPLICABLY USED UMLAUT  //  Oktoberfest Marzen Lager //  6% //  Crunchy leaves call for the Crispiest Lager! A total passion project- we brewed this in the dead heat of summer and have been aging it in our traditional horizontal lagering tanks ever since. Crisp, clean, and dry, this is an Oktoberfest with an immensely complex malt bill with notes of dark bread, toffee, caramel, and bran cereal, with a very classic spicy hop bill of all noble hops- a little pepper, orange peel, very herbal. When the season calls…

4PKS Available Now at SC Barn and North and QNS Wed 9/6