We’re starting off ’23 with a tidal wave of goodness. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t make cheating on Dry January oh-so-fun.

illustration of a beer can with an illustration of an astronaut's helmet  floating in a spacescape with the words "Free Form Jazz Odyssey Coconut Chocolate Schwarzbier

FREE FORM JAZZ ODYSSEY  //  Schwarzbier with Coconut and Chocolate  //  A fantastic voyage of sound and taste. Our unique spin on a classic schwarzbier – deep, dark, rich, malty richness improvises into a lusciously enjoyable and easy drinking jam with a heavy coconut and chocolate infusion and a dry finish. Derek wrote this.

a can of beer called "surf" half buried in a the sand on a beach with a blue sky and a hat.

SURF!  //  West Coast IIPA  //   Genre Series  //  7.7%  //  The Genre Series hangs loose. A West Coast styled twist on the beloved Genre base. Bright and pithy tangerines and clementines gives way to a drier, crisper, more intense palate than the normal SC IIPA. Bright and juicy orange/grapefruit, fresh cut fir, a touch of apricot and blackberry in the finish, and a clean grassy bitterness that takes you back to the beach bars of San Diego. 

a can of beer sitting on a rock on a mountain stream. the can's label says "Tell Shaky and Boxcar Joe" and there's additional text on the image that says "9% DDH IIPA"

TELL SHAKY AND BOXCAR JOE  //  DDH IIPA  //  9%   //   We’re gonna kick down the doors of restraint with this bruiser of an IIPA. Double dry-hopped with new era PNW buds for a dank hop aroma that’s built for comfort, ain’t for speed. Fresh ground cannabis, mango jelly, cut pineapple, squeezed OJ, pepper and papaya round out this lush monster of old school dank and new school juice. Just say Automatic Slim sent you.

All Available Thurs 1/12/23