The rumors are true: the first ever true SingleCut Gear!

From the desk of Poison Noises: Throttle your favorite speakers with the Amp Punch! This pedal blends all the delicious flavors of both fuzz and overdrive. The first side of the circuit brings you a classic hard clipping drive with plenty of headroom. Then the second side delivers a crushing op-amp style fuzz. Fine tune the taste of your new favorite dirt box with its independent gain controls. Enjoy the juicy breakup of the Amp Punch!

That’s right- we made a SingleCut pedal! We collaborated with Poison Noises, one of the premier pedal makers in the nation, on AMP PUNCH, our new fuzz/overdrive pedal. We couldn’t leave it just at gear- we brought in the PN crew and brewed a insane collab called… you guessed it, AMP PUNCH, matching the intensity of our the pedal with a juicy fruited sour drowning in blackberries.

Grab the AMP PUNCH beer next week, and you can preorder your AMP PUNCH PEDAL at any of our Shops starting Friday 11/11 for pick-up starting next Friday 11/18.

These pedals are all handmade, so supplies will be very limited! If you’re angling for that perfect SingleCut fan holiday gift, get that preorder in!