Craig McAvoy // Friend of the House // SCN

Chatting with Craig McAvoy, everyone’s familiar face when it comes to great beer and great music. We know Craig both through the SingleCut North Tap Room, but also through our “every-other” Thursday morning stint on WEQX radio where you can hear SingleCut GM, Dan Bronson, talk about all things music and SingleCut- often with guest appearances from SingleCut North Tap Room Manager, Teresa Campbell. Craig’s a long-time listener, many-time caller, and this man CARES about music. 

About Me:

“I’m a middle aged, happily divorced bald guy who likes primarily do two things: go to hear live music (mostly of artists I don’t know or only hear on WEQX) and go to Yankee games. I also like good beer and good people. So between Dan doing his regular on air/Facebook WEQX sessions, the live music and record show events at the Tap Room, and Teresa and her friendly staff-  it’s no wonder I’m a fan of SingleCut!”

18 Burning Quick Fire Questions for Craig McAvoy

· Beatles or Stones? The Beatles. For ages I thought of it as “my parents’ music” and wasn’t until the pandemic I REALLY listened to it- and news flash- they’re amazing (duh)
· Zeppelin or AC/DC? Zeppelin (period).
· Vinyl or Streaming? Why pick- both please!
· Hendrix or Page? I’m a former paratrooper as was Hendrix- so Jimi. (Editor’s Note: Wha-what??)
· Seventies or Eighties rock? The 80s were my formative years- but was into what they used to call “college radio”.
· Van Halen or Guns ‘n Roses? GnR is definitely a guilty pleasure. You can’t help but rock to that.
· Stadium or sweaty club? Small venue please, sweatier the better. I’ll see you at “NoFun”, “Empire Live”, “Levon Helm Studios” or “Colony”.
· Joints or Vape? No thank you.
· Piercings or tattoos? Nope!
· Cardio or weights? I should do more of both!  (Editor’s Note: we feel you, brother.)
· Book or movie? Book first then the movie.
· Prog or Punk? Punk! I had a Mohawk as a kid. Raise a toast to Joe Strummer.
· Early bird or night owl? Early bird.
· Home cooking or take away? Basic home meals. Not a foodie.
· King Kong or Godzilla?  Peter Jackson’s King Kong was bad ass. (Editor’s Note: Hot Take!)
· Cats or Dogs? Dogs. Ahh-choo to cats.
· Vikings or Ninjas? Vikings. They founded Dublin so thank you.
· Fav SingleCut brew? Eric More Cowbell Chocolate Milk Stout.