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Catching Up With an Ecologically Minded Beersmith

Sarah- You’re a Pretty Dedicated Nature Lover- What Do You Do When You’re Not At The Tap Room?

I started work full time at New York State Parks Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation in May 2021, and am currently the “Beaches Program Coordinator”. I work with Parks to organize and monitor water quality testing at lifeguarded beaches throughout New York State. What I like most about my job is that I get to connect with other Park staff and help provide access to safe recreation for all New Yorkers.

Outside of Water Conservation- How Do You Spend Your Time in New York’s Beautiful Outdoors?

I volunteer with a trail crew called The Jolly Rovers. Our mission is to “create sustainable trails to iconic places in public parks”. We primarily build stone staircases to improve accessibility and create a long-lasting trails so more NYers can enjoy our parks. The Rovers use hand tools mostly to cut and shape the stone- I’ve had to learn how to move giant boulders without power tools or heavy equipment, and how to cut rocks with my hands. I learned how to set up ziplines and ‘fly’ stones. The Rovers are very inclusive and have become like a family for me. Our members are located throughout the tri-state area (many are fans of SingleCut!). The Rovers have completed projects throughout the northeast but are recognized country-wide. The main project I have been able to work on was the historic re-creation of the Lenape Steps at Sam’s Point in Minnewaska State Park. The steps were originally created 164 years ago and fell into disrepair in the 1960s. The Lenape Steps project was one of the largest and most complex projects The Rovers have taken on, from excavating the historic steps to quarrying stones throughout the park. This project took three years and over 7,000 person-hours were devoted to complete this project!

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Hike, rock climb, and paddle. I also love to take photos of other peoples’ dogs- I think I’ve taken a photo of every single dog that’s come into the SingleCut North Tap Room since I’ve started.

What About Wildlife Here in the Northeast?

I received my MS in biology, and while my course work was in all types of biology, I completed my thesis on diamondback terrapins, a species of turtles. I started my career in conservation in 2010 and have gotten to work with several species of endangered turtles. I am a huge wildlife nerd.

How’d You Join Team SingleCut?

I became a part of the SingleCut North team in September 2021. I went to Siena for undergrad and studied history, sociology, and globalization studies. After 12 years away, I am finally back in the Capital District. Finding a community at SingleCut has been a great way to feel connected to the area once again- and to music!(I found SingleCut through an internet search for live music). I love music. While I am not musically inclined, music has always been a part of my life. My family plays instruments, and I have friends in Florida who helped me realize my passion- they ended up creating the famed “Sugarshack Sessions” in their backyard, and I’ve been hooked on seeing live music ever since.

You Can Visit Sarah (And Probably Catch Some Live Music) Weekends at SingleCut North Tap Room.