Kathleen Marting // Eastern PA Area Sales Manager

As the Eastern PA Area Sales Manager, I am privileged to travel the Pennsylvania landscape from the deepest corners of the Susquehanna Valley to the quaint towns of Jim Thorpe and New Hope.  But today- I’d like to explore the town where it all began, the city of brotherly love, the home of the Liberty Bell and signing of the Declaration of Independence, not to mention, the birthplace of my late boppa.  That is Philadelphia.

June in Philadelphia is ripe with celebration, from PRIDE festivities to Philly Beer Week, June is a great month to visit the city.  While there, stop by a few of my favorite places…

Murph’s Bar (202 Girard Ave)
Talk about history- this bar has it all.  This hunting lodge turned Irish Bar has been around for over a century.  Looking around, you can almost feel the good times of yesteryear.  While Murph’s still calls itself an Irish pub, it serves some of the most exceptional Italian food cooked Puglia natives. Order whatever is special, it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Wash it all down with a Barbaresco or Chianti, then maybe sip on a Tullamore Dew.

The International Bar (1624 Front Street)
The first time I hopped into this bar I followed a well-dressed man with a box of records under his arm. I watched him go straight to this beautiful, custom-built, DJ booth decked with everything you could ever want for an epic dance party.  Service is friendly and the draft list is on point.  You can almost always find a SingleCut to enjoy with umami rich food.  Don’t miss the, oh so delicious, porcini powdered green beans or the shrimp “stix”.

Johnny Brendas (1201 Frankford Ave)
You won’t find the regular old pay-to-play airport line-up on the beer list at this music venue/all around great bar/SingleCut staff favorite.  These industry vets know how to rock the house and put out some quality food and drink.  When the current owners (also of The International and Standard Tap) took over Johnny Brenda’s in the early 2000s, they took the bar (and the neighborhood) from a shot and a beer drop-in to a destination for great music, locally sourced foods, and independent craft beer. Fishtown is all a-buzz these days. JB’s could be dubbed the start of it all.

Good Dog (224 S 15th Street)
Let’s take a hop and skip over to Center City for an iconic and warm-hearted favorite of mine.  Good Dog opened nearly 2 decades ago, but the bar is still bustling, the drinks are still stiff, and the staff is warm as ever.  You’ll be instantly greeted by a bar professional who is seamlessly doing eighteen things at once.  Magically, you’ll find a water in front of you.  I can’t help but hear, “good dog” in my head as I plop down at the bar.  The food is upscale upscale bar fare and is sure to satiate any palate.  If you are an animal lover, you’ll be glad to know this bar partners with local animal shelters and organizations like Street Tails Animal Rescue (STAR) and Monster Milers on the regular for charitable donations.  It always feels good to eat well, drink well and help a furry friend.  Come. Sit. Stay.

Cantina Los Caballitos (1651 E Passyunk Ave)
I can’t possibly leave off a favorite Mexican spot.  I think it should be law that every city in these here United States have a quality Mexican joint –and I don’t mean Chipotle.  This place just does it for me.  The patio welcomes you like the arms of your Abuela. The inside is a perfect dimly lit hangover haven.  And then there is the food.  Just need a snack?  Get the Beef Picadillo Empanada, and the Elote, and the Mexican Hot Dog. You know… a snack.  Bottom line, get all the things, enjoy.

Signing Off From The Keystone State,

Eastern PA Area Sales Manager