IT’S BOMBASTIC FANTASTIC this week, with a 2x Can release of some bonafide hits.

ELECTRIC BLUE  //  DDH IPA  //  7.2%  //  DANGER DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE! This cousin to our lauded Bowie IPA series (ft. Some Cat From Japan, I’m An Alligator, and the inimitable Weird & Gilly) has an intense pucker of bright and juicy Valencia oranges, soft and sweet apricot, guava, dense and peppery cannabis, a sweet lick of fruit punch, and a long linger of pithy tangerine. As the weeks go by, the Blue will spread, mellowing into a deep tropical soundscape of guava jellly, yuzu tea, and a that same resinous linger. Blue blue blue blue.


I’M USING TECHNOLOGY //  Double Dry-Hopped IIPA with Experimental Small Batch Hops  //  8.2%  //  LOOK OUT MA! Last year we got a chance to buy a lion’s share of an experimental hop bud we were absolutely gaga for, from one of our favorite farms. We dove in the deep end, bought up all we possibly could, and seems like that was the right call- growing conditions made this particular hop almost non-existent and we’re told that’s that for this incredibly unique citrusy/pear/tropical creamy hop cone. The bleeding edge of hop technology crushed by that merciless heel of Mama Nature. The aroma is fresh squeezed Valencia oranges, straight from the presser, floral bubble gum, cling peach, dripping green pears, a twist of lemon, with a creamy palate full of sharp citrus and thick pear juice with a long pithy finish and no hint of the 8.2% ABV