Opening Soon: Laguardia Terminal SC 🚁

After years of bumper to bumper traffic, countless missed gigs, and several brewery related road rage incidents, we’ve finally listened to the swell of consumer demand from our jet-set, lead guitarist demographic, and bit the proverbial bullet. Our helipad is finally operational. Yes yes yes, you can now land your helicopter on the roof for quick service 4pk and pint pick-up between gigs.

Now let’s be reasonable here- there’s only so much pad space, so we’ll be enforcing a STRICT two (2) chopper at a time limit. We’ll have limited roof-side carryout for your convenience, but despite our best efforts- we unfortunately cannot fulfill all previously placed Lager and Caviar bundle orders.

NO we do not have auxiliary pad space for your groupies and/or entourage.
YES your management team must reimburse us for any broken glassware/smashed TVs.
NO we will not let your drummer stay with us for the weekend.

Now Booking Landing Times Through April 1st 2023. Please Contact us at

#DrinkLoud (April Fools)