You know us here at SingleCut– we only love two things: Beer and Music. So this week’s release might be our crowning achievement- a quintessentially SingleCut juicy IPA that via Augmented Reality will help teach you how to play guitar… The future is here folks, and it’s delicious.

NOTES  //  IPA  //  7%  //   The Apex of our love of music and beer: the IPA that will teach you to play guitar. This juice drenched IPA is built on hand selected PNW buds and some NZ love, imparting a bright aroma and flavor of ripe orange, sun sweet mango, white grape juice, and a long bright citrus finish. Grab your phone, scan the code on the can, and between sips our Notes AR Filter will show you how to play some of the key chords in Rock music, and let you “play” your can. A whole new dimension to #DrinkLoud. For this NOTES release we’re honing in on one of the simpler- albeit an immensely “metal” chord: E Minor.