Hey ya’ll, Nick here, Singlecut’s NYC sales rep. Today I’m gonna be hopping over the Triboro Bridge from Queens to one of my favorite parts of this city, the freaking BRONX, and I’m excited to bring you, our Singleculture reader, along for the ride.Essential Bronx listening: ESG – Dance to the Best Of ESG

Brewski’s (3718 E Tremont Ave)
Starting my voyage at Brewski’s in the Throg’s Neck section of the Bronx, not just because their beer selection is absolutely spectacular, and not for their delicious (and *strong*) lineup of booze slushies, but because this lively sports bar also happens to have KILLER cold brew coffee on nitro which is not to be missed. Glad I’m now heavily caffeinated, because it’s off to…

Kingsbridge Social Club (3625 Kingsbridge Ave)
The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Kingsbridge is the beautiful clay brick pizza oven situated on the far side of the room. Don’t be a fool, make sure you order a pie while you’re here. Seriously. I opted for the BX Deli 3.0 which comes topped with pepperoni, soppressata, and hot cherry peppers. Because Dave, the proprietor of this lil slice of heaven, is such a nice dude, he hooked me up with some of their house made hot honey to drizzle on top, and my taste buds were officially blown away. Don’t sleep on their really well curated draft board!Bronx Alehouse (216 W 238th St)Being a beer rep is hard work, and Winter Olympic fever is very real, so I’m headed just a few blocks away from KSC to mid-day unwind with a beer and some biathlon at the Bronx Alehouse. This neighborhood institution always seems to be busy, but I’m lucky enough to snag the last open seat at the bar and sip on an awesome dark lager called Frau Holle from our Queens neighbors Alewife! Their draft list is a cool mix of NY-centric craft and German imports, their staff and clientele are always super friendly, and this guy sitting next to me’s burger looks and smells unreal.

Bronx Beer Hall (2344 Arthur Ave)
Ok, if you haven’t visited the Bronx Beer Hall yet in the 9 years they’ve been open, you are absolutely blowing it. This is legitimately one of the coolest places in New York City. Walking into BBH feels like stepping into another time. Hand rolled cigars, fresh produce, butcher counters, and homemade pasta and sausages are just a few of the delicious things you can browse while you sip on something tasty from owner Paul’s world class can selection. The music always rules in here, and down the bar from me I’ve got some Fordham University football coaches shaking their shoulders to the Gap Band. It’s impossible to not come to this place and wind up befriending a stranger, so make sure to add this place to you “to drink at” list immediately.

Chocobar Cortés (141 Alexander Ave)
My last stop of the day is a brand new addition to the neighborhood who are already garnering up some great reviews: Chocobar Cortés. This is the NYC outpost for a San Juan based chocolatier/restaurant, and walking into it’s cozy and crowded bar area, you wouldn’t believe they’ve only been open for under two months. Here’s the deal: chocolate runs the show here. Hot chocolates (available with non-dairy milk for our vegan and lactose intolerant friends), chocolate grilled cheeses, a damned CHOCOLATE TURKEY CLUB. Chocobar Cortés is about as close as you can get to a real life Willy Wonka experience… well, the good parts of the Willy Wonka experience anyway. For those who really like to live deliciously, try out the beer and chocolate pairing, which we are very honored to have our Eric More Cowbell! Chocolate milk stout be a part of. I already can’t wait to come back (and it’s only like a 15 minute cab ride from Astoria).Springtime is right around the corner. Seems like a great excuse to visit the botanical garden and have a beer or three in the Bronx! We’ll see you there!

NYC Sales Representative