two cans of beer on a colorful sunset


Introducing the beer that needs no introduction.

We churn out a lot of hop favorites in our endless pursuit of the perfect pint, but few SingleCut faithful wouldn’t be taking JACKKNIFED JUGGERNAUT to their SC Desert Island. Lush, full, and bursting with intense tropical white wine aroma thanks to some extremely choice NZ buds- this is the ONLY chance in ’22 you’ll have to get this fan lauded limited release.

JACKKNIFED JUGGERNAUT  //  All New Zealand Hopped DDH IIPA  //  7%  //
Like an interstellar burst, hopped exclusively with our favorite new crop buds from New Zealand. “Tropical” but with immense depth, a blend of warm mango and soft ripe papaya, Dole Whip, peppery citrus, juicy Sauvignon Blanc grapes, sticky guava resin, and a long beautiful linger of guava candy, all wrapped up in a round and creamy body.