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Meet Blaise Camerzell, Cellar Person and training Brewer for Team SingleCut QNS.  Blaise has worn many hats/boots here at SingleCut, and has been an integral part of the Beersmiths for years now. Let’s hear it straight from Blaise:

Q: Where You From, Blaise?
A: Brooklyn originally, but now I’m Astoria Queens based

Q: What SingleCut beer do you Ride Or Die for?
A: Without a doubt, my all time favorite has been, and always will be, 18-Watt IPA. We make a bunch of amazing beers, but I’m always excited when I see 18-Watt. I guess since it was the first beer I ever had when I first started coming to SingleCut way back.

Q: What record/artists are you playing when you’re in the brewery?
A: Brian Fallon or The Gaslight Anthem

Q: If you could pick one music genre that fits your personality, what would it be?
A: No joke, Mid-West Emo. It was my first genre love, and I don’t even know how to technically define it, but it’s always what’s playing in the back of my mind. It’s got some Math Rock in it, and the riffs are more like a gloomy Rush than what came before.

Q: If you could change rolls for a day at SingleCut, what position would it be?
A: I’m gonna take Jorge’s job! I’ve always wanted to drive the forklift. No, I am not “Forklift Certified”.

Q: What advice do you have for prospective candidates?
A: Know all your styles and characteristics of beer. Every region and brewery has a very different take on what “beer” is. Put in the hard work, and keep learning.

Q: What are 3 words to describe your work day?
A: Damp, Back-Straining, Hot! We’re around hot water pretty much all day.

Q: What drew you to SingleCut originally? How’d you start your journey here?
A: I actually came here the first weekend I moved to Astoria! Got to know the bartenders and got to meet a ton of new people. The first day we came down was a Saturday, and our new apartment was dry- we searched “Fun Bars in Astoria” and Google led me to my new job! I got a job in the Tap Room, then started on the packaging line back in 2019 and moved to production full time in 2020.

Q: What’s your Go-To Delivery Meal?
A: I’m a huge fan of Chinese food, so I would have to say: chicken and broccoli, fried wontons, boneless spare ribs, steamed dumplings and egg rolls (you would be surprised how much food I can put away in one sitting).

Q: What’s your Favorite SingleCut memory?
A: Being here for a few years now, I definitely have some great memories- from hanging out and joking around with the amazing staff and learning so many different skills. But I would say one of my favorites was finally being able to transfer beer all on my own. Back when I first started in the cellar transfers scared the hell out of me, I didn’t want to have a low yield, any clogs or mess up any of the beers. When I finally figured it out I was so happy and my confidence just boosted like crazy, now a transfer is like second nature to me.

OK, time for the Important Stuff
Q: What’s your Desert Island Record and your Desert Island Beer (non-SingleCut)
A: Mighty Oak’s “All Things Go” and Austin Street Brewery’s Patina Pale Ale- no doubt.

Blaise Camerzell
Cellar Person / Training Brewer