Double Can Release Week! 📺✈️

As we continue our campaign of deliciousness against Dry January, we bring you TWO incredible new offerings on this frigid day. One is for everyone, and one is just for the blessed New Yorkers near our Tap Rooms, or those who pre-ordered the Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Box (!)

CONTINENTAL RIOT HOUSE 📺 // TR Exclusive // Fruited IPA with Passionfruit Puree and Starfruit Terpene // 6.5% // An Ode To the Extreme. For this year’s annual Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Fest (AKA, the beloved EBF), we had the immense pleasure of not just pulling out all of the stops, but throwing them out an 8th floor window, too. A naturally juicy and bright IPA, built on hand selected PNW and NZ hop buds, gets all gassed up with more than a thousand pounds of fresh passionfruit puree, then taken to the stratosphere with a dose of starfruit terpenes- the essential oil in fruit and herbs that gives them their deep, resinous aromas. Room Service is Always Available.

BIG IN JAPAN ✈️ // Double Dry-Hopped IPA // 6.6% // Originally brewed just for the Tokyo Metro area, this intercontinental hop Kaiju quickly became a fan favorite in our tap rooms. Now, for the second time, we’re sharing this sensation with everyone Stateside. A lush IPA, built on hand selected buds from our fave farms in Oregon and Washington, double dry-hopped with some of our SC proprietary hop oils, distilled from New Zealand hop favorites, swirling together for a nose of juicy sweet pineapple, plump white grape, Fresca, tangerine, and mango leather. Sit on a can for a month or two, and see how much incredible white wine and mango aroma come out as it mellows. A true brew worthy of the Budokan. Scan the can for a hidden playlist, dedicated to legendary artists who made it Big In Japan.

Both Available Now the Tap Rooms, the SingleCutApp, or find Big In Japan everywhere you buy SC Cans.