May we present: Josh Casano! Josh is a local musician and diehard SC fan. He showers us in platitudes… so much so that he is doing a monthly music series in the SCN Tap Room, including a performance where the subject was our beers, and where the names come from! He’s a local music teacher and was thrilled to be asked to participate!

Catch his next performance at SCN on Sunday 12/19 when he dives into the music of the 80’s, with a special focus on the birth of hip hop!

· Beatles or Stones? Beatles
· Zeppelin or AC/DC? Zeppelin
· Vinyl or Streaming? Streaming, but I just got my first vinyl player so that may change!!
· Hendrix or Page? Hendrix
· Seventies or Eighties rock? Seventies
· Van Halen or Guns ‘n Roses? Van Halen
· Stadium or Sweaty Club? Sweaty Club
· Piercings or tattoos? Both. I have both
· Cardio or weights? Neither
· Book or movie? Movie
· Prog or Punk? Prog
· Early bird or night owl? Night owl
· Home cooking or take away? Depends on my mood. I’m a retired Head Chef
· King Kong or Godzilla? Godzilla
· Cats or Dogs? Dogs
· Vikings or Ninjas? Vikings
· Fav SingleCut brew? Fuzz Box!!! There’s always a shortage too!