NUMBER NINE no.1 // Oak-Aged Wild Ale with Malbec Juice, Cherry and Plum Puree // 4.5% // AND…

NUMBER NINE no.2 // Oak-Aged Wild Ale with Sauvignon Blanc Juice, Concord Grape puree, and Lemongrass // 5%

Two parts of our celebration of Nine years around the sun and nine years in beautiful New York. We brewed this simple and rustic wild ale to accentuate the nuances of an incredible new farmhouse strain we’re simply enamoured with, mixing two distinct yet inseperable versions- no.1 embracing the dark, deep and complex with Malbec juice, cherry and plum puree, while no.2 looks towards the brightness of the season, with Sauvignon Blanc juice, fresh New York grown concord grapes, and nuanced lemongrass.

WORKERS ARE GOING HOME // DDH IIPA // 8.2% // SingleCut Faithful Rejoice- the WORKERS ARE GOING HOME! Arguably our most complex and stacked hop bill, a blend of hand selected buds from new-era European farms, the Pacific Northwest, Australia, and New Zealand, WAGH is bursting with tropical fruit aroma, mango pulp, fresh citrus rind, zesty white grape, dank tangerine, and a long finish of bright lime.

THOSE CLOUDS ALL DISAPPEAR // DDH IIPA // 8% // The 8.0% brethren to CHARLIE’S GOOD TONIGHT and FLATTER FLATTER! This bigger, rounder, creamier version is bursting with the aroma of fresh pineapple and tangerine, some soft pear and plum in the back, and a palate that’s bright and tropical, but with some round, soft ripe fruit and soft malt to balance the intense brightness.

Available at both Tap Rooms starting 12/3