October has the potential to be a sports fans dream. As the seasons converge the action from the 4 major sports takes place in unison over the course of these 31 days. Baseball playoffs, football in full swing, hockey and hoops just out of the gate. The unscripted drama comes in all forms and it comes fast in October! This dream month can also be a harsh reality check if your favorite teams don’t provide the results needed.

Here in NY, with at least two teams in each sport the chances for October glory should be on our side. This October, not so much. In place where your biggest rival is likely your neighbor, no matter which side you’re on, we have all had to come to grips with some highly flawed franchises. The Yankees rollercoastered through an up and down season only to fall in the single elimination wild card game to rival Boston. An inexcusable, but all to common outcome of recent years to another season in the Bronx. My Mets set the pace early in the season and playoff baseball in Queens was looking promising into July. The second half of the season was nothing short of crashing and burning leaving us a great distance from post season qualification. The disappointment on both sides will make for an interesting off season with some very impatient fans in 2022.

With no October baseball, you turn to a football season in full swing, or not. Once again here NY the football season is over before it started. The Giants and Jets are years deep into being the abyss of the NFL. In a league where fortunes can turn quickly from year to year both teams have been so poorly managed for the last number of years it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In this month that should be full of action and excitement, the NY sports fan instead finds disappointing baseball and hopeless football. What can we turn to? I’ll be turning to my beloved NY Rangers. Now the struggle has certainly been real on the ice for the Rangers as well since the team decided to move on from veteran players and start rebuilding with younger talent at the end of the 18 season. While it was a tough pill to swallow at the time, I believe most Rangers fans were on board with the direction the team took. How the team has developed since that point is surely up for debate. Personally, I thought the team was on track even after a disappointing finish to last season. It’s been hard to judge the development of the team during the last two odd, abbreviated seasons. Ownership thought otherwise deciding to bring in a new general manger and coach which lead to the acquisition of more veteran players to compliment the young talent over the summer. With the moves made, this team needs to make the playoffs this season. The real question is over the next 2-4 years can the Rangers young talent develop in time to a championship level before the players in there prime years now start to decline. Only time will tell but regardless of results I have my tickets in hand for a number of games this season. I’ll be thrilled to get back in the building with family and friends for the first time since February 2020. The only way to top the best live sports experience off is to enjoy it with a Singlecut Frequency Lager at the worlds
most famous arena!


Eric Tammero
Distribution Manager