Here Comes A Hard But Needed Truth- It’s time to take a step back from the tap rooms and refocus on keeping our neighbors safe and healthy.

Effective Monday 1/11 our SingleCut North Tap Room will be take-out only, and the QNS Tap Room will move to take-out only on Wednesday 1/13- this includes all outdoor dining. We’ll keep monitoring the infection rates in Queens and the Capital Region week to week and staying in conversation with our staff on their comfort level. Fingers crossed, we’ll be open again soon.

This breaks our heart to do, but as NY continuously creeps back up in infection rates, it’s time we refocus on keeping our staff and guests healthy. We’ve had so many calls from the Dept. of Health over the past few weeks letting us know of guests who were Covid19 Positive visiting our tap rooms, it’s come to a point where we need to be honest with ourselves about the risk we’re allowing in our spaces. Having a pint out just isn’t worth jeopardizing our neighbors’ health.

We wanted to start a brewery so we could have a place to raise some pints and listen to records with our friends- we’re going to get back there, but not right now.

We’ll be open normal hours for take-out at both tap rooms, and will continue 7-Day/Wk Delivery in NYC. Orders can be placed via

#DrinkLoud #DrinkSafe