(R) MELLIFLUOUS LIFE // IPA // 6% // Originally brewed for the legendary Phish MSG NYE runs, we figured it was time to bring this liftin’ soarin’ IPA back for some streaming live music action. Insanely well balanced, with aroma of fresh cut oranges, tangy and ripe nectarine, tropical white grape, mango candies, xmas tree resin, and a long tropical linger on the palate. Brewed for live music- equally good for Zoom hangs.⠀

(L) JENNY SAID // DDH IIPA // 7.7% // A true SingleCut Classic. A complex yet nuance malt bill lifts up an iconic hop bill, filled with hand selected buds from our favorite American PNW farms- a melange of sweet stone fruit, tart citrus, nectarines, and a hint of a peppery resin lingering on the palate.⠀

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