🐍⚡️It’s Fall and it’s a DOUBLE Can Release Week! 🍁🤘

THE FLASH IN THE MIDDLE // DDH Aussie IPA // 6.8% // The legendary “Bon” series grows! 100% choice selected Aussie hop buds keep the family line- bright and juicy tropical fruit, sweet pineapple, mango candies, deep and tangy white grapes, and a long tiki cocktail finish. It’s dy-na-mite.

INEXPLICABLY USED UMLAUT FESTBIER // Oktoberfest Märzen Lager // 6% // A total passion project- we brewed this in June and have been slowly lagering in our traditional horizontal conditioning tanks ever since. Crisp clean and dry, with a complex malt bill that has notes of dark bread, toffee, caramel, and bran cereal, with a very classic spicy hop bill of all noble hops (a little pepper, orange peel, very herbal). This beer is perfect.

Find FLASH everywhere you buy SC cans starting this week and throughout September- Umlaut will be a tougher find but ask your local store for availability. #DrinkLoud