🚚 Labor Day Can Drop! 🍔

TRIPLE WHAMMY!  //  3xDH 3xIPA  //  10%  //  One of our biggest beers, an uncut, unrestrained battering ram of juicy hop aroma. Intense, bright flavors of sweet nectarine, ripe sun sweet orange, citrus resin, mango kush, gummy bears, and a long finish of pith and ruby red grapefruit. For satisfying the most intense of hop cravings. Available Now @singlecutnorth and @singlecutqns

DESERT!  //  DDH IIPA  //  7.7%  //  Screaming down a dusty backroad and shifting gears, it’s DESERT!. The dankest in our Genre Series- super zesty cannabis, sweet ripe berries and touch of vanilla on top of that sour citrus base. A brewer favorite. Available Now.

Happy #LDW. Flip that burger. #DrinkLoud