Hitting SC shops and @singlecutnorth @singlecutqns starting today:

(L) BRIGHT & HOLLOW SKY  //  DDH IPA  //   7%  //  It’s time to give us some danger, so we’re turning to one of our favorite new, experimental, blend of hop buds. Built on the DNA of “I’m Using Technology”, B&HS uses the same dry-hopping technique employed in that beast. Soft and creamy, hazed and thick, bursting with aromas of fresh cut mango, sweet and soft cling peaches, a touch of kush resin, golden kiwis, and a softer bitterness than the normal SC excursion. Find this beer in: NY / PA / NJ / MA / ME / RI / MD / DC / OH / CT

(R) THOSE CLOUDS ALL DISAPPEAR  //  DDH IIPA  //   8%  //  The warehouse reopens for this ultimate version of “Charlie”, a stacked hop bill that’s bursting with fresh pineapple, tangerine zest, tart plum, sweet orange juice, crisp white grape, with a long semi-dry finish. Do you love Flatter and Charlie? You’ll love Clouds. Ceci n’est pas une SingleCut Can. Clouds is EXCLUSIVE to the Tap Rooms and NYC!

#DrinkLoud #DrinkSafe