👑All Hail the Crown Prince of Dankness… DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER LAUGHTER? Fresh in SC shops and @singlecutqns and @singlecutnorth, the bonafide SingleCut legend, DARL? IPA returns.

DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER LAUGHTER?  // IPA //  7.2% // “Classic” is so far from describing the DARL? experience. Arguably the definition of SingleCut style- a perfect balance between juice and body, lush and expressive tropical fruit and citrus, with a finish that lingers and keeps dry on the palate. There’s bitterness and acid, not just perfume, a bright, quenching, and deep sensory experience- a reminder of what we love so much about great beer. The aroma is fresh cut pineapples, key lime, sweet fresh squeezed orange juice, citrus pith resin, with a long linger of cannabis resin that’s a nostalgic throwback to the IPAs we came up worshipping. Is “Ultra Classic” a thing?

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