A huge release week!

RLN DWN HWY 41 // DDH IIPA // 7.7% // For all those rambling for the newest and greatest a brand new hop machine built for the extended jam. Brewed with a new midwest hop that brings ripe, bright, lush tangerine, ruby red grapefruit, juicy sweet plum, and a little dank edge for any midnight ride. Great balance with a soft, compliant malt base too, we’re thinking the world of this brew.

All That Is Now // DDH IIPA // 8.6% // Bright and juicy ripe apricots, sweet clementine and valencia oranges, with a touch of pineapple and a finish of clean grassy fruit. The beast formerly known as DDH Softly Spoken Magic Spells is back.

RAZZLE DAZZLE RAZZLE DRONE // DDH IIPA // 8% // a delicious entry into the “Tomorrow Who’s Gonna Fuss” family- a super bright blend of intense pineapple juice, papaya, those little green papaya candies (you know), with a finish that’s ripe clementines and a slick of nectarine. The real magic trick is seeing how fast that first can disappears.

All three available @singlecutnorth @singlecutqns and SC Stores near you TODAY. #DrinkLoud #DrinkSafe #DrinkProud