All signs are pointing towards “Lager Time”.

Spring is in the air, May is here, and ALL IN ALL IS ALL is back in the can and ready to soak in the sunshine.
ALL IN ALL IS ALL // Maibock Lager with Elderberry // 5.5%

Inspired by classic german spring lagers, AIAIA spent months and months aging in our Bavarian horizontal tanks, traditionally lagering, getting crisper and cleaner and brighter as every winter day slowly warmed into Spring. A touch hoppier than most traditional lagers, with a gentle bready malt backbone, and aged on a touch of elderberry for a subtle but deep floral aroma.

Drink them now or wait a few months, this beer will be tasting incredible in a tall narrow glass.

Find AIAIS at your favorite SC Stores or get them for curbside pick-up or delivery via @singlecutqns or @singlecutnorth starting Wednesday.

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