šŸ—» Mountains are coming out of the sky this Thursday

IN AND AROUND THE LAKE Volume 3 is sliding into aluminum this week forĀ @singlecutqns andĀ @singlecutnorth. Brewed with honey and vanilla, this double dry-hopped monster is one of our most sought after limited releases.

IN AND AROUND THE LAKE V.3 // Double Dry-Hopped IIPA w/ Honey and Vanilla // 8%

Taste Now // Lush and round, creamy mouthfeel, with a gentle kiss of dry honey and soft vanilla, complemented by an intense hop profile full of juicy sweet valencia orange, tangerines, and lime creamscicle.

Taste Later // We expect this beer to have an especially long fridge life, with that luscious body and lime creamsicle aroma sticking around for quiteĀ a while.

Unfortunately, this small batch will be 90% tap room only.
CheckĀ singlecut.comĀ starting Wednesday for pick-up and delivery ordering info.

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