In honor of all you new home gardeners, we bring you GREEN PLASTIC WATERING CANS 🌻

You’ve clamored and demanded, sent us hundreds of emails, and slid into our DMs so much you set a new MLB record for stolen bases. Heard. It’s back.

Green Plastic Watering Cans // Double Dry-Hopped IIPA with all new era New Zealand hops // 8% // You’ll love this if you loved Mo’ Shuggie, Jackknifed Juggernaut, or fresh Savignon Blanc

Taste Now // from that NZ soil comes the spoils- the aroma is uncut tropical punch and white wine intensity, warm pineapple slices,  sweet and tart nectarine, ripe honeydew melon, tart white grape, a touch of pepper and sweet chili, with a lush and full creamy  mouthfeel and a linger of sweet citrus pith

Taste Later // These NZ hopped beers are some of our favorites to revist- they evolve in surprising ways that are always a treat to check in on after a few weeks. Last batch we noted some heavy lemon-lime aroma come out with a more traditional dank grapefruit and mango note coming to the front.

Whether you’re planting box shrubs or watering those fake rubber plants, we got you covered. Find GPWC at either @singlecutqns or @singlecutnorth this week, or check the order sites for availability.

Visit for Saratoga County orders or for NYC.

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