THE QUESTION FOR THE AGES RETURNS!: IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? Either way, looks like we got no escape from reality, so let’s make the best of it! We brought back this total fan favorite for your home consumption – hitting our Tap Room take-out and delivery later this week, and SC stores all over later this week.

IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? // Double Dry-Hopped IPA // 7.2%

TASTE NOW // A constantly evolving beer, this batch of ITTRL? is ripe with juicy nectarine, tart plum, sweet clementine, sour peach rings, lime candy, and sun ripe peaches, with a long, mild bitterness in the finish.

TASTE LATER // An intense pallet of stone fruit juice, some resin coming out, and the same slick of lime candy.

From now on, all our can releases will be available the moment they come off the line, so check in with our order sites to see when you can snag these freshies:

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