Friends, our Tap Rooms are take-away-only for the foreseeable future. We’ve got plenty of cans and crowlers to get you through your current cocooning, and we hope your Netflix account is up to date!

I’M IN LOVE WITH MASSACHUSETTS // Double Dry-Hopped IPA // 6% // Collab with @craftcollective // In honor of our long time New England fam’s 5th Anniversary, we challenged ourselves to create the most intense, crushable IPA possible. Well… It’s dope.

TASTE NOW // Super aromatic fresh picked orange rind and slick sweet OJ, ripe melon, lime, and tangerine

TASTE LATER // We’re expecting a long life on this one, with sweet and round orange juice sticking around for a long while

It’s here! Our long awaited collab with @rarbrew is ready for your fridge 🎮THIS AIN’T NO FOOLIN’ AROUND // DDH IPA with Passion Fruit, Strawberries, and Fruity Pebbles // 8% // Collab with RAR🎮⁣

We’ve been wanting to brew something up with the fam in Maryland- the inimitable RAR – for literally years, and that day is finally here! A crew known for their unending hospitality required all and any stops to be pulled out, so we let it rip full force- a stacked double dry-hop, packed with pellets, cryo hops, and our special oils, doused with hundreds of pounds of strawberries and pureed passion fruit, and yup even some Fruity Pebbles cereal. Tap Rooms and Maryland ONLY.

Remember @singlecutqns
Is TAKE-OUT only, and @singlecutnorth
is open normal hours at the moment. If you’re in QNS get all these cans delivered via Seamless