Pretty epic Thurs release coming up for you, featuring two collabs we’re extremely excited about⁣

💀WORKINGMAN’S ‘CUT- Mighty Oak Roasters // Nitro Coffee Cream Ale with Hazelnuts // 5.6% // @mightyoakroasters Coffee Collab 💀⁣

The first appearance of this fan favorite in cans, and the first in a new series of coffee collabs. Our loves are ranked in this order 1) music 2) beer 3) coffee. Seemed natural. WMC is a lush and creamy light blonde ale, sweetened with a touch of milk sugar, aged on hazelnut, and infused with some beautiful wood fire roasted Guatemalan coffee beans from our excellent friends and neighbors at Astoria’s own Mighty Oak Roasters. These cans are NITRO conditioned, so give them a good hard pour. ⁣

Look for new versions of WMC coming out on the regular going forward, but this batch is small so grab them soon as you can. Limited Distro.⁣

⁣🎮 THIS AIN’T NO FOOLIN’ AROUND // DDH IPA with Passion Fruit, Strawberries, and Fruity Pebbles // 8% // Collab with @rarbrew 🎮⁣

We’ve been wanting to brew something up with the fam in Maryland- the inimitable RAR – for literally years, and that day is finally here! A crew known for their unending hospitality required all and any stops to be pulled out, so we let it rip full force- a stacked double dry-hop, packed with pellets, cryo hops, and our special oils, doused with hundreds of pounds of strawberries and pureed passion fruit, and yes, some Fruity Pebbles cereal. Tap Rooms and Maryland ONLY.⁣

Both cans available for the Royal Order of Rulpsen card holders on Thursday 4pm, then general release on Friday 1pm.⁣