A legendary friend is coming to stay at SC Stores everywhere starting this week, but as always, first dibs are Thursday @singlecutnorth and @singlecutqns. Let’s dive in:

ELECTRIC BLUE // Double Dry-Hopped IPA // 7.2%

TASTE NOW // This cousin to our lauded IPA series (ft. Some Cat From Japan, I’m An Alligator, and the inimitable Weird & Gilly) has an intense pucker of bright and juicy Valencia oranges, soft and sweet apricot, guava, dense and peppery cannabis, a sweet lick of fruit punch, and a long linger of pithy tangerine.

TASTE LATER // The Electric nature sticks around for a good long while, eventually mellowing out to a round, but still bright, apricot preserve and sweet yuzu jam vibe. The dank aroma mellows but stays ever present.

Throw some darts in lover’s eyes with this wham blam in a thin can. Hitting the fridges by 5pm on Thurs!

Also we’ve got a fresh batch of METAL! DDH IIPA on tap at both Tap Rooms. Some tweaks to this batch for added smoothness but the hop pummeling is still very much in play!