Look out Ma, we’ve got some upgraded gear coming to you this week: I’M USING TECHNOLOGY DDH IIPA

Last year we got a chance to buy a lion’s share of an experimental hop bud we were absolutely gaga for, from one of our favorite farms. We dove in the deep end, bought up all we possibly could, and seems like that was the right call- growing conditions in 2019 made this particular hop almost non-existent and we’re told that’s that for this incredibly unique citrusy/pear/tropical creamy hop cone. The bleeding edge of hop technology crushed by that merciless heel of Mama Nature. C’est la vie.

However- we still have our stash, and that means we had enough for one last batch of one of our favorite experimental batches of 2019.  Let’s run the numbers here… I’M USING TECHNOLOGY // Double Dry-Hopped IIPA featuring experimental PNW small batch hop varietals // 8%

TASTE NOW // The aroma is fresh squeezed Valencia oranges, straight from the presser, floral bubble gum, cling peach, dripping green pears, a twist of lemon, with a creamy pallet full of sharp citrus and thick pear juice with a long pithy finish and no hint of the 8% ABV

TASTE LATER // Last time we brewed this beer, it evolved over the following two months into a delightfully nuanced hoppy ale, with that signature juicy green pear coming to the forefront, with candied orange and that creamy pallet making this beer taste like pear sorbetto.

With very small exception, this beer will be only available @singlecutqns and @singlecutnorth– first crack available on Thurs 4pm for Royal Order of Rulpsen members, then Friday for everyone.

We’ll also have a fresh batch of SOFTLY SPOKEN MAGIC SPELLS IIPA available. See you this week!