The best damn city in the world deserves this- NYC BEER WEEK DDH IIPA!

NYC Beer Week starts this Saturday with the inaugural Opening Bash Festival (tix at, and this year, we hosted the @nycbrewers collab, churning out a particularly exciting new hop monster for the event. Here’s the deets:

NYC BEER WEEK // Double Dry-Hopped IIPA w/ Experimental New Zealand Hop Blend // 7.7%

Taste Now // This is an IPA for Mo Shuggie, Jackknifed Juggernaut, and Bon Bon lovers- a Chrysler Building worth of sweet Sauvignon Blanc, mango syrup, peppery papaya, juicy tangerines, and a tangy finish of sweet grapefruit candy and white grape.

Taste Later // We expect this IIPA to age really well, developing and morphing immensely over the next few months, with some of that papaya fading and more pineapple character and sweet grapefruit taking the forefront.

Few different ways you can get your hands on these 4pks- come by @singlecutqns or @singlecutnorth with your Loyalty Card on Thurs for a 4pm sneak peak, hunt them down at select NYC retailers, or grab them to-go at Opening Bash!

And a fresh batch of SOFTLY SPOKEN MAGIC SPELLS IIPA this week too. Enjoy NYC Beer Week!