Two biggins’ this week!:

Riding the cosmic vibrations straight to a fridge near you this week- WHAMMY!

The first time release in its new evolution, this month we’ve got WHAMMY coming to SC stores near you (yes you). This series has become a top dog in our fan rankings, and we’re stoked to bring it to all of you this week. Let’s break it down:

WHAMMY // Double Dry-Hopped Ale // 77IBU

TASTE NOW // Immensely tropical and balanced by a sticky resin, finishing with sweet nectar and an intensely perfumed passion fruit aftertaste. Aroma and flavor of papaya, lychee, overripe mango, dragon fruit juice, lemony cannabis

TASTE LATER // We expect this to age reaaaally nicely, mellowing out the resin and softening the fruit into quince paste, dried pineapple and mango, and retaining that juicy juicy finish.

These cans are first dibs for Royal Order of Rulpsen members on THURS

Conceived in the eye of a secret, and asking questions unspoken, the humble zealots of Rulpsen bring to you: POLEMICALLY SENT! The newest, and smallest batch addition to our barrel-aged double imperial stout family is ready for you to embrace on Sunday. ⁣

POLEMICALLY SENT // Double Imperial Coffee Stout aged in Yankee Distillers Bourbon/Rye/Maple Whiskey Barrels with Cacao, Vanilla, Oregon Honey, and Mighty Oak Roasters “Brix Breaker” maple wood fired coffee // 14% ABV // 750ml⁣

Intense aromatics of smokey coffee, soft and sweet vanilla, caramel and tobacco, deep oak, marshmallow, chocolate plums, and a finish that’s all thanks to this incredibly rare and precious coffee- chocolate cherries, burgundy, and maple.⁣

⁣This limited gift pack (we actually mean that, we were only able to get 24 bags of “Brix Breaker”!) includes: a gift box, (1) bottle of Polemically Sent, (1) 15oz ceramic coffee mug, (1) bag of the coveted and precious “Brix Breaker” coffee. ⁣

Hit this link to get one of the super limited gift sets, available at either tap room on Sunday.