A big new release week!

Yes. These beers are black light posters 🤘

At long last, our collab with @kcbcbeer is ready for you to take home this Thursday: MAUD’ DOOB Imperial Schwarzbier with Cascara & Hemp // 7.5%. Lagered for almost two full months in our horizontal lager tanks, MD is an intensely roasty, chocolatey, crisp, and super dry traditional dark lager, albeit with a QNS/BK twist. For the last month, this beer has sat on some elusive Gold Mountain cascara (the super tasty and unique cherry that grows around coffee beens), imparting the gentlest of complex coffee/berry just on the finish of this very classic, but rich and robust beer. We then consulted the Weedpriests, who demanded we add hemp. We complied. They knew.

One of our finest lager projects to date, and the beer that will single handedly deliver us into Spring. Grab your cans at either tap room this Thursday- we’ll be spinning our Stoner Doom playlists, some special KCBC beers to share in QNS, pop-up food at Side Stage, and special limited merch at both shops.


Premiering alongside MAUD’ DOOB on Thursday, our most demanded Genre beer is in cans for the first time ever: Glam! Double Dry-Hopped IIPA // 7.7% // Tropical, Bright, Tangy

TASTE NOW: Oh the decadence! Electric tangy pineapple juice, mango sorbet, bright tart berries, fresh tangerine, light pine resin, sweetened grapefruit, with a long tropical punch finish

TASTE LATER: Sweet and soft aromatic pineapple, Dole whip, candied orange, grapefruit essence, and a finish of resin and fruit punch.

Cans ready and waiting at 4pm both locations