Special info at the bottom about our Thurs Loyalty Card party at the tap room!

We’re spending our Holidays left of the dial with Missed The Whole First Rung DDH IPA — Our newest tap room exclusive small batch is hitting the fridges @singlecutnorth and @singlecutqns this Thursday, just in time for your Holiday couch time.

MISSED THE WHOLE FIRST RUNG // Double Dry-Hopped IPA // 5.8% // The punk kid sister to the massive Tomorrow Who’s Gonna Fuss – an almost identical hop bill, pulling out all the stops and using all our SingleTricks to make this relatively sessionable ale drink like a TIPA.

TASTE NOW// Super bright, loads of fresh squeezed OJ, canned pineapple juice, lemon-lime soda, peppery fruit, sweet juicy mango with a creamy finish and a hop linger of citrus rind. Oh man, this is tasting so good right now.

TASTE LATER//We expect in the weeks and months to come that this monster will age like Fuss, rounding out into a much creamier and smoother ale, the pineapple taking front stage with an orange marmalade coating the palate and the mango super strong in the aftertaste.

Available Thurs only for #CultOfRulpsen Loyalty Card Members, Friday for everyone else. BUT – what a great time to sign up! Thurs at both breweries we’re having a casual hang, a Holiday appreciation night, if you will, for all the Cultists out there. We’ll have some treats and some special bottle pours, plus Holiday flicks, all that jazz, just for you Loyalty Members. Come hang and sign-up for free if you don’t have a card!

Also we’re freshening up some labels, meet the new boss. Brew is still the same old boss. See you this week.