This week is all prep because next week we have a BIG one for you!

DDH BON BON IIPA – your ONLY chance to get Bon Bon this year is coming to you NEXT Thursday 11/14 (for Cult Of Rulpsen Loyalty Card Holders) or Friday for non-card holders @singlecutnorth and @singlecutqns.

Our most fervently sought after beer, the end result of 7yrs of playing with hops from our favorite Australian farms produced this insanely bright ale. Electric intense pineapple juice, papaya candies, sun sweet warm mango, juicy ripe pears, with a touch of orangey resin and a long slick mouthfeel.

Due to limited supply of our choice buds, this is truly a ONE TIME ONLY brew, we won’t see BB back until at least late 2020/2021.
Due to the limited nature of this run, this beer will be tap room only, and there will be a 1.5cs max at both shops. You know we hate case allotments, but this time we’ll need to to assure everyone gets a taste.

Do you not have a Rulpsen Card? No prob, you can sign up in house at either tap room and start getting early can/Crowler access- and it’s totally free.