TOMORROW WHO’S GONNA FUSS? Triple Dry-Hopped Triple IPA 10%. Originally brewed for our 5th Anniversary, this is a hallmark in everything we love doing with hops. Three massive dry-hops with new crop buds from Oregon and Washington, including a dose of our proprietary hop oils. The aroma is massive, waves of dank pineapple and fresh berry, followed by sweet grapefruit marmalade, yuzu, tart peach, and a long sticky finish with enough bite to balance that mega 10% body. ONLY BATCH THIS YEAR- do not sleep on this! We brewed an extra large batch, but even then this will be tap room only!

MILES MARATHON Double Dry-Hopped Mini IPA 4.2%. It’s Marathon Season again! A few years back, we partnered with the team at Nike Running East to brew the “Ultimate Recovery Beer”- we developed the insanely delicious, and ridiculously sessionable MILES. This year sees a new formula for this Brewhouse favorite, a touch less dank, and a touch juicier (those runners like to drink fast!). White grape and grapefruit still dominate, but now with a palate of soft OJ and long soft finish, so you can pound a few real quick after you cross that finish line. We’ll have more on MILES this week, including details about an AWESOME team up we’re doing for this year’s NYC Marathon (pssst… Make plans to come party on the East Side…). Cans are TAP ROOM ONLY, and a portion of all Miles sales will be going to benefit our Solstice Sock Drives in December.

See you this week!