Somewhere across the fields, the forests are echoing with laughter, because this Thursday 4pm comes the return of two bona fide classics.

DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER LAUGHTER? IPA 7.2%- The Dank Prince ascends. DARL? is our homage to the WCIPA we came up on, but done in a modern SC fashion. A touch drier and more resinous than normal SC releases, but bursting with an aroma and flavor of sweet blood orange/grapefruit, pineapple, some peppery dank, and a long slick of sweet mango sugar. What do we love about the Laughter? Everything- this is the most perfectly balanced IPA possible.

And also SOFTLY SPOKEN MAGIC SPELLS IIPA 8.6%- super fresh SSMS cans are coming out this week. What else can we say? Get here early…