Heading into the heart of Summer with a killer triple release, (and don’t forget the sunscreen):

(L) SHAKING LIKE TREMOLO GOSE + STRAWBERRY & PINK GUAVA. Our long promised Gose! Strawberry, Pink Guava, Vanilla and Milk Sugar, 4.2%- a brand new series of summer fun debuting this week. Bright and refreshing, with an aroma of intense cocktail fruit, gummy bears, guava candy, a slick mouthfeel and a long lasting fruit shake aftertaste. Do. Not. Miss.

(C) MELLIFLUOUS LIFE IPA. The crew is back on the road, and we’re celebrating a Phish run at SPAC and Fenway with the re-brew of the newly beloved MELLIFLUOUS LIFE IPA (6%). Balanced and long lingering, an IPA of intrigue and comfort, oranges and nectarines, the dank and the melon, the feeling of eternal journeys. It’s good. It’s real good.

(R) CHARLIE’S GOOD TONIGHT IPA. This 6% IPA has quickly become an SC standard – hazy and soft, but drier and more expressive than most NE IPAs. Built on a new favorite hop blend from Oregon and Washington, lots of dry pineapple, pomelo, limón, and a clean and crisp finish. We love IPA, even in the NYC summer heat- this is the answer to all our questions. AIN’T ‘E?