Another week, another blast of glittering new brews!:


(L): POSTERS ON THE WALL IPA: The latest in our series which started with WORKERS ARE GOING HOME and then STILL MAKING NOISE. This 6.8% IPA carries on with the same hop bill creating a nearly indescribable blend of stone fruits, bright citrics and seamlessly integrated sweet malt. Crank some Ace and savor this beaut.

(R): GREEN PLASTIC WATERING CAN DDH IIPA: This brew incorporates all NZ hopping for a uniquely smooth yet intense wave of stone fruit, herbals, bright citrus and absolutely heavenly aromatics. About as amped up an IIPA as it gets, we are very proud of this beer.


Also don’t miss WORKINGMAN’S CUT, our oak-aged hazelnut coffee cream ale. It’s as luscious as it sounds.

And look for a new batch of ELECTRIC BLUE IPA, PATENT APPLIED FOR WILD ALE with boysenberry and LIFTON HELLES LAGER with green tea and lemon.

Whew, see you this week.