A couple ‘beauts in can releases this week:

FULL STACK IIPA 8.2%- our “original” double IPA, but honesty, Full Stack is always our newest IIPA. This beer is always the template we use for new techniques and advancements in our brewing methodology, always on the bleeding edge of how we make hops pop. Though the journey is always different, the destination is the same- bright and refreshing, massive hop aroma of pineapples, tropical cocktail, sweet and bright Christmas tree pine, and a long lasting and dry finish of punchy fruit rings.

GUESS WHO JUST GOT BACK TODAY? Dry-Hopped Kölsch 5%- We’re all in on Kölsch this year, expect to see a lot of these delicious, crispy beers through the spring and summer from us. This was hands down in every Beersmith’s top 5 from ’18: a bright, refreshing, gently dry-hopped cold conditioned beer, bursting with a nuanced spicy citrus aroma, and an incredibly clean and dry finish with an effervescent bubble.


And PLEXI OAK-AGED SOUR ALE WITH POMEGRANATE AND PLUMS is new on tap too. Delightful balance, great complexity without sacrificing refreshment. You’ll enjoy this one a lot.