For those of you who rely on this site for all your weather info: This week will continue cold but Sunday could see temps hitting 50 degrees. We spent a ton on our Doppler Radar equipment and haters said that was foolish, but we think it was well worth the investment to provide you with these updates. In other news:

HALF-STACK IPA bottles return Thursday, fair warning these tend to go very quickly. 18-WATT bottles next week.


Speaking of Thursday, it’s back: Bring Your Own Vinyl returns every Thursday! It was a popular theme when we introduced it back in the day and well, we sorta forgot to keep it going. How could we forget such a thing when vinyl is sorta one of our signatures? Do you have any idea how complicated it is to operate a Doppler Radar system? Very!! But nevermind that, BYOV is back every Thursday. We still ask that you bring music that fits our vibe (Gangsta Rap just isn’t gonna fly in this house, sorry). And it goes without saying: NO YOKO ONO.


We still have a good quantity of WORKERS ARE GOING HOME IIPA cans available, this batch is pretty dang stellar in our humble opinion.

Did you know you can always take a peek behind the production curtain here to see what’s brewing? Click on the “IN THE TANKS” tab under “BEERS” –  This week we’re brewing up long awaited MO’ SHUGGIE IPA, some more DEAN MAHOGANY IPA and our most popular brew 18-WATT IPA.