When we opened back in December of ’12, we were very warmly welcomed into our new neighborhood. Perhaps most notably by our neighbors down the street Steinway Pianos (yes that Steinway) who offered a housewarming gift of an actual Steinway piano.

Can you imagine! We of course we gratefully accepted this incredibly gracious offer. Can you just imagine!

You want to talk about the ultimate purveyors of craft? Steinway pianos. It takes them 14 months to sculpt each of these musical jewels all done right here in Astoria, just the way it oughta be. It’s a source of pride and inspiration to be down the street from the greatest piano maker in the world.

Which makes the fact that due to our growth, and finite space, we ran out of room to keep the Steinway. And so, we had to very painfully ask that the piano be returned (seen above). Ah, growing pains, they do indeed really hurt sometimes.

Well who knows, should we open a 2nd location some day, maybe we’ll be fortunate enough to house a Steinway again.