Welp, most new and notable is the fact that it’s now ’17 – We wish all of you a Happy New Year. Lot’s to mention to kick off this year for us so here goes:

Next time you visit our Tap Room look around for these posters, scan the QR code and you might be on your way to see the Rolling Stones “Exhibitionism”.


This Wednesday fresh bottles of herbal citrus chewy dank DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER LAUGHTER IPA return. Real nice batch in our humble.


More BON BON and JIM IS WORKIN’ HARD cans available only at our Tap Room.


And this Thursday, we are finally introducing our new full-time food menu thanks to our friends at BareBurger – “Salt + Bone” is their new project and they are launching this succulent BBQ venture via our Tap Room. A wide range of BBQ favorites (and even vegetarian options) all hailing from the strictest organic production as you’d expect from BareBurger. We’re beyond excited, this has been in the works almost as long as the 2nd Ave Subway, and based on its popularity during a soft-launch at our Anniversary Party (where the above pic was taken) this is gonna be pretty epic – We’ll have all the napkins you’ll need.