Evan B. of Untapp’d asked this question while gazing upon a tulip glass filled with our most recent batch of BON BON IIPA (his pic above). Thanks for the inquiry Evan, the simple answer is we’re not sure! The brew has not changed, and we most certainly can assure you we did not filter this batch or any other. What is perhaps the likely explanation is that we’ve been pushing our house yeast strain through more and more cycles to see what exactly it is capable of. And during this particular cycle in the yeast’s life, it for some reason we can’t quite explain dropped out of solution like we’ve never seen before! We’ve brewed quite a few beers with subsequent cycles of this same yeast and they are hazy as per usual. We’ll be monitoring such changes to see if there is any predicting such occurrences in the future, given we are taking this yeast through uncharted waters, or brews as the case were.  You never stop learning in this game that is for sure.